Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How big is the BP oil spill?

The explosion on April 20th, which left 17 workers injured and 11 missing and presumed dead is spilling from a well 5000 feet below sea level, discharging 200,000 gallons of crude oil a day according to the official estimate (though over 2 million a day, by private estimates).  As of May 6th, the spill covered at least 2,500 square miles of ocean surface. 

Appreciating how massive this spill was difficult to conceptualize until I stumbled upon Paul's blog, which allows me to compare this to major US cities like Boston, NY and San Francisco.
Don't live in or near Boston, NYC or SF?  Thanks to Paul Rademacher's blog you can see how big the spill would be in your home town. Check it out by linking here:


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this spill happened off the coast of Martha's Vineyard or Long Island near the Hamptons if the response would have been the same.

Anonymous said...

Just plain scary. Good to see the maps.