Saturday, May 8, 2010

Commencement season

With 260,000+ students enrolled in 50+ colleges and universities, Boston and Cambridge may have more students than any other city.  This also means that graduation ceremonies will dominate the city for the next several weeks.

Having so many people leave the city over the span of 6-8 weeks has a profound impact. The city develops an empty feeling that is compounded when many residents start heading for Cape Cod, the islands (Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket) as well as places like Newport, RI and the coast of Maine. On the plus side, street parking becomes easier and life slows significantly; if only for about 10 weeks. However, that slower pace of life is still a few weeks away and won't be felt until "commencement season" concludes. 

Last night, across the street from my home the Mass College of Art and Design had their Senior Fashion Show, which operates as a sort of commencement for these newly minted fashionistas.  The event looked quite beautiful, and I could not help but go over and check it out.  I've included a clip of all the graduates promenading down the runway.  Earlier in the evening, each designer had their spotlight showcasing a number of looks - this was the end of the show.

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