Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Senator Brown

A long time ago I learnt to listen to tone and pick up on subtleties.  This talent has served me well in both my personal and professional lives.  It also helps me when I am listening to politicians.  It is with that finely tuned listening that I have followed the junior Senator from MA, Scott Brown, these past few months.  Over that time I've come to realize that he is uncomfortably quiet on GLBT issues. 

When he served in the MA State Senate he was opposed to same sex marriage, but when he campaigned for Ted Kennedy's seat and was asked about his views, in lieu of saying he supported same sex marriage he said "the residents of MA had spoken".  Hmmm.....

Today The Boston Globe is reporting that Sen. Brown has decided he will not vote in favor of repealing Don''t Ask Don't Tell legislation later this week.  He told reporters he's keeping "an open mind" but he would like the Pentagon to continue with their study before he votes.  Hmmm...

I should state that I have never had the desire to marry or serve in the military, but I am personally offended by those who would prevent me simply because I identify as gay.  I also take issue with politicians who are uncomfortable supporting (let alone taking a lead) on these issues.  I have no more patience for politicians who can not see eye-to-eye with me on such issues as: gay marriage, allowing for domestic partner benefits, military service, opposing discrimination at work or for housing because you are gay... These are not 'special rights' and any candidate who will not support these issues - can not rely on my vote.

I know years from now children will go to school and wonder wide-eyed how so many could be so blinded by prejudice, but it is a bitter sweet realization while waiting for that day.

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Mike said...

Great analysis...With a reported 70% of Massachusetts residents supporting the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Senator Brown is either incredibly shortsighted or playing to the national conservative audience in hopes of a bigger career down the road. Sounds like a dangerous gambit to me.