Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Gaga about this cover

OMG - this 13 year old kid is amazing.  Check out the audience reactions as they realize this kid can really sing.  Thanks to Brenton over at Aussielicious and Dave over at WGB for bringing this to my attention. My school recitals were nothing like this.


Sergio said...

This kid is simply amazing. His name is Greyson Michael and his youtube name is greyson97. The original posting has reached over 1M views. Here is the link

Anonymous said...

Jesus effing Christ this kid can perform---it's far beyond singing what he does. He actually makes the song something completely soaring other than the 80s revisionist pop song it is.

You watch---he'll make waves. Too much talent to put aside for peanuts. Wait for it.

Karen@40 said...

The blond girl in the back looks completely bored with the entire thing. I wonder what it would take to impress her?!