Saturday, March 27, 2010

Entertaining Mr. Sloane

Tonight I'm off to see my first show of the year, Entertaining Mr. Sloane at the Boston Center for the Arts. The play was written by the English playwright Joe Orton back in 1964. 

About the show:
The charming, enigmatic Mr. Sloane arrives to rent a room from Kath, a lonely, delusional landlady, in the junkyard house she shares with her declining father. A handsome opportunist, Sloane quickly ingratiates himself, entering into seductions offered by both Kath, and her estranged brother Ed, who soon employs Sloane as his driver.  Sloane's past misdeeds and dueling affections within the family soon collide, leading to a desperate act that proves the limit of his charms, and reveals the ruthless and cunning strategies that Sloane's 'victims' will engage in to preserve their unique arrangement.

Should be interesting and I'm hoping it will prove to distract me from the work which has dominated my attention now for too long.  I hope you have a nice weekend filled with pleasant distractions too.

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