Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boston's Paramount Theatre opens Saturday

The Paramount Theatre which first opened in 1932 as a movie house will re-open this Saturday according to an article in today's Boston Globe "Paramount Theatre regains its grandeur"
According to the article, the renovation which has been years in the making, has a 7,000-bulb marquee that will light up Washington Street, and a new LED wall next door is being programmed as a video art installation.

The Boston Globe includes a pretty cool 1:00 minute video showcasing the LED Wall which is worth watching.

It is hard to imagine that this nearly 600-seat theater and just two doors down the beautiful Opera House have been so meticulously restored in what was once Boston's red-light district known to locals as The Combat Zone.

Photo by Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

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Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

I totally remember the Combat Zone! It was where I was walking the first time someone asked me if I had any dimes and nickels (and at that point in my life I honestly thought he meant change, and responded as such - I think he thought I was crazy.) Looking forward to seeing this next time I'm in town. - A.