Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hitting the gym

It has been nearly a month since my last 'work out' entry. At that point, I had just completed my initial trial pack, and I re-signed for another 10 sessions with my trainer, Stu. I mentioned that my clothes were starting to fit me better, and I noticed subtle changes in my physique. Since then, I have remained fairly faithful working out regularly.
Today Stu focussed on working out my legs and now that I've been out of the gym for several hours I can feel the fatigue. Stu had me run through a series of circuits for 90 minutes that included weights, plyometrics, crunches, suicides and several other exercises that kept me gasping to catch my breathe. I've noticed that as I've gained strength, Stu has increased the intensity of our work outs. I suppose I should look at this as getting more value for my money - after all the workouts now make my introductory sessions seem pretty pathetic. When I think back to some of my earlier entries like "My Aching Muscles", I'm almost embarrassed by how out of shape I had allowed myself to get. To the casual observer I don't think people realized how weak I was both with regards to muscle tone as well as cardio. Fortunately the regular visits to the gym, which started mid-February, have really made a difference.

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