Friday, April 3, 2009

Flashback Friday: Harrison Avenue

The South End has probably changed more than any other downtown Boston neighborhood. Real estate values remain high even during the current housing crisis. I found this picture of the Boston Elevated Railway Central Power Station which resides on Harrison Avenue. The picture was taken in the mid 1990s and depicts how much of a wasteland "SoWa" South of Washington remained until recently.

Now this section of Harrison Avenue is vibrant. During the day, thousands come here to work in the refurbished mills that GTI Properties purchased in the mid-90s and renovated and at night many come back here to live (like I do) and play.

This particular block of Harrison Avenue hosts the BSC South End as well as Rocca and Gas Light - two respected South End restaurants. I've included a quick video of the building which is currently being renovated and will hold an antiques fair every Sunday to coincide with SoWa Open Market.

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