Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buh bye cold... hello spring

Signs of spring started to appear in Boston about two weeks ago, and last Friday, April 17th, when Boston cracked 70 degrees for the first time many of the magnolia trees lining Commonwealth Avenue went into full bloom.

However, starting this past Friday, April 24th, when Boston hit 80 degrees the city erupted. Everyone (myself included) has been dining al fresco, joining friends on their roof decks and patios for cocktails and walking around the city just to be outside enjoying the warmth.

Spring has sprung, the non-stop chirping of birds and the trees now covered in leaves have done more to fend off any possible relapse of GetMeTheHellOutOfHere Syndrome until next winter.

Current weather conditions in Boston: 83 degrees and sunny
Tuesday's weather predictions in Boston: highs nearing 90 degrees!

And I am happy.

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