Thursday, February 26, 2009

My aching muscles

About two weeks ago I first wrote about the fact that I had started working with a personal trainer to help me build strength and trim some excess fat in my entry Hitting the gym.

Since then, I've had four more sessions and we've worked nearly every major muscle in my body. I have to admit that I feel sore for a few days after each session and there have been a few nights where I have woken in my sleep because the effort of rolling over has proven too much for my tired (pathetic) muscles.

I don't believe there has been any weight loss, but even in just the handful of sessions we've had, I can feel my body tightening. I don't think there are visible signs others would be able to notice (even if I weren't bundled like an eskimo), but I certainly can feel changes. Additionally, lifting with Stu is more of a cardio workout than I had anticipated and on the days that I run, I've noticed that I'm not nearly as winded and hardly struggle so I'm probably going to be able to get back into the pool sooner than I expected to move my cardio work outs from the treadmill to the water.

As you can probably tell, I'm really pleased with the progress to date. Working out with a trainer makes the time I'm at the gym pass more quickly, there is no doubt that I benefit from his help (he pushes me harder than I would and he corrects my form when I tire or lose concentration), and most importantly, by having someone waiting for me - it is harder to skip out on going to the gym.

I realize it has only been a couple of weeks and much of this is still new, but I do feel more confident in my ability to meet some personal fitness goals, and I know that having Stu there to push me is a big reason why I have that sense of confidence.

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