Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lights, camera, crash

One of the things I enjoy about working from home is that I feel like I am more aware of my neighborhood. This afternoon is a perfect example of what I mean. Around lunchtime I heard a huge crash outside my window so I immediately stopped what I was doing to look outside. What I saw on Harrison Avenue was a line of cars and up the street one block in front of Ars Libri was a large SUV (Hummer?) that had rammed itself into another vehicle with people were running around and shouting. All of this seemed very strange but even more wierd was the fact that I noticed Harrison Ave. was blockaded and there was a cop in front of my building just watching everything.

Apparently this was a film shoot. Since Gov. Patrick signed into law tax incentives for the movie industry, the SouthEnd has been awash with filming crews. However, I've never really seen live action shots during the day. Usually, I just see crowds of people standing around and trailers lining side streets.

I checked out the LoadedGunBoston blog, which often reports filming activity in the area but did not see any mention of what this might have been for. However, Sam Baltrusis' entry from Wednesday this week, "Boston ranks No. 6 on list for indie films" made me wonder if it was an independent crew filming. Either way, it was a fun distraction to watch from the comfort of my apartment window for a few minutes today.

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