Thursday, February 19, 2009

Southwest airlines coming to Boston is reporting that Southwest airlines is coming to Logan Airport later this year. You can read the story by linking here. I've never flown the ariline, but I like the fact that their presence will likely drive down some fares. In the article, Forrester Research Inc. is quoted as saying about the arrival of Southwest is "a huge coup for Boston" and the city's travelers because wherever Southwest goes, lower airfares follow. To that I say Amen... the cheaper it is for me to travel - the more I can do it.

I'm not planning to fly Southwest - I really am not a fan of the airline and the stories I've heard about passengers stampeding planes to get a seat is not for me. However, I know many people who love the airline (including my Mom and Dad). It is also likely to help families looking for cheap destinations to get away with their kids. Initially the airline will only have 8-12 daily departures, but I'm sure that will grow over time and give some of the other discount airlines (i.e. AirTran) a run for their money.

Southwest's announcement comes quickly upon the heels of another airline that started flying out of Boston's Logan airport recently - Virgin America. From a branding perspective I can not think of two more different airline companies. Considering the current economic difficulties this is welcome news and probably not something many other cities are seeing - airlines adding routes and expanding into a new market. Even though both airlines are starting with a modest number of daily departures out of Boston their presence is certain to add jobs (if even only a few at a time) and that certainly plays well for Boston and the local travel industry.

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