Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gold Dust Orphans are at it again...

Ryan Landry's group of campy misfits announced their next show will be a take off of the Steinbeck classic, Of Mice and Men. I was never a fan of Steinbeck's stories so I'm curious how Landry will twist this story. His last play, All About Christmas Eve, was really fantastic and will be tough to beat.

The Gold Dust Orphan website provides the following storyline to entice people to come and see the show.

"Of Mice and Mink" tells the tragi-comic story of Georgie (Larry Coen) and Linda (Rick Park), two "not so pretty" hookers living through the current "not so great" depression without a friend to lean on or a pot to piss in. Entertaining delusions of one day "getting out" our heroines soon arrive at "Lula Mae's Cat Ranch," a bottom of the barrel brothel on "the wrongest" side of town. The situations and characters they find there prove less than desirable and while Georgie tries her best to keep their "thin web of dreams" from breaking. Linda, on the other hand, (a woman-child in the body of a dangerously powerful "She Hulk") is no help at all. Naturally, when tragedy strikes, it seems obvious that the mentally challenged Linda is responsible. Or is she? The answer to that question and others are the surprises that await you in "Of Mice and Mink".

Sounds good to me. Showtime is 8pm and runs from Friday, February 20th through Sunday, March 15th. Tickets can be purchased online at TheaterMania or by phone at 866-811-4111 - $30.00.

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