Sunday, September 4, 2011

US Open: Arnaud Clement

The US Open started on Monday in New York City, and I'm posting a handsome male tennis player each day there is play.

Today, I'm featuring French player Arnaud Clement, a former top 10 player. Arnaud is one of the older players on the tour now that he's in his early 30s and in recent years he's had more success playing doubles although he and Lukas Dlouhy unfortunately lost in the Open's first round this year.

Standing at just 5'8", most players tower over this Frenchman. Despite his lack of stature, I think Arnaud looks like a handsome rogue and I love listening to him shouting in French... Even I can read lips that say "merde". Considering how many people who read this blog like facial hair, I know Arnaud will be a popular choice.

If you'd like to find out more about this Frenchman you can link here. If you'd like to find out more about this year's US Open you can visit the tournament's official website,

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Writer said...

He's quite the cutie. One of the older players in his early 30s? Gosh I would Methuselah at 36. And we'd be of equal stature. LOL

dayofmine said...

Yes please!

Anonymous said...

Isn't he the guy that played that insanely long match once? His stamina must be great in bed! :)

A Lewis said...

I have nothing to say about tennis. But I do like guys with their arms over their heads.