Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BosGuy in Dallas

I'm in Dallas this week. I actually arrived on Monday for a week of training mandated by my firm. Although I was not looking forward to the business trip, now that I'm here its not a big deal. On paper it sounded awful - 800 of my co-workers and peers stranded at one of the Dallas airport hotels, but the accommodations are comfortable and its really nice to see many people I work with remotely on projects through out the year.

My blogging may be pretty spotty this week as I juggle training, travel and additional work responsibilities. Hang in there and I'll be back to my usual self next week when I am back home. In the meantime, let me know where this cowboy may hang out. I see a lot of people here wearing cowboy boots but most of them are a bit overweight (being polite by saying "a bit") and do not resemble this guy in the least.

Photo from Great Looking Guys blog


DeepBlue said...

Wishing you a good time and some good ridin' too!! ;)

A little chubiness can be quite sexy too, you know! Even more if Chubby wears cowboy boots and a stetson! *divilish grin*

jason said...

Enjoy your time in Dallas. Hope it's not too hot.

Anonymous said...

You must be staying at the AMR facility. I stayed there years ago when I worked for Ernst & Young.

BosGuy said...

Actually at the Hyatt Regency in the airport.

Jim said...

Contact me... I know all the areas in Dallas where you can go. It would be great to meet you!