Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boston Ballet Season 2011-2012

Last week I wrote about how many fantastic local theater companies there are in Boston in my post, 2011-12 season for local Boston theater companies. This week I wanted to encourage people to consider visiting and supporting the Boston Ballet. Many may not realize this but the Boston Ballet is considered one of the major ballet companies in North America and among the top companies in the world.

Ballet can sometimes be a tough sell for people unfamiliar with it, but it is an amazing dance form that beautifully blends athleticism and art. The Boston Ballet's 2011-2012 season starts in just a few weeks with Romeo & Juliet (Nov. 3-13), followed by The Nutcracker (Nov. 25 - Dec 31).

To see their full season or to purchase tickets visit their website


WranglerMan said...

Hey Handsome!

Just love men in tights! Got your message! Internet Provider just won't cooperate with sending messages!'

How about we go to see a production, after we complete the Santa speedo run together?

Thought I forgot, didn't you?

Blobby said...

Romeo & Juliet?

I can tell you how it ends.