Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chris Nogiec underwear shoot

Chris Nogiec lives in Boston and is currently pursuing a doctorate from Boston University in computational metabolism so he's got looks and smarts. Although we don't know each other, I featured him as a #MenOfTwitter back in April and we have a friend in common who speaks very highly of Chris.

Below is a behind the scenes video with Troy Phillips & Akimitsu Sadoi. While this 3-minute video pf Chris isn't exactly unsafe for work, I think its too racy to play in the office; mind you Chris is modeling some very sexy underwear so use your judgement, but certainly enjoy the clip.

You can learn more about this handsome Bostonian on his website, here.


Gay Guy said...

That was painful to look at.

I could work out 24/7 and never be anywhere near that hot.

I need to take to my bed and pull the covers over my head.

Wonder Man said...

my my