Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you friggin' kidding me?

A few days ago I was asked to sit on a panel in Dallas as part of the 'wrap-up' for the training that has brought me to Texas. I was flattered to be one of five participants to provide my insights in front of my firm's sales and marketing team and readily agreed.

However, I was irritated tonight when two of the panelists who are a bit more of the "cheerleader" variety sent an email suggesting we practice a serenade complete with some basic choreography (think Glee) for the leadership team and audience. Now to be fair, through out the day videos were included with actors performing numbers similar to what you would see in Glee so I understand how they arrived at this idea.

I am greatly irritated that this (overly enthusiastic) suggestion was broadcast so unexpectedly with little room for a graceful exit, and more than a bit distressed to read the email from the head of Sales (the gentleman leading the panel) saying "Fantastic". After reading his email I sent a carefully worded email requesting that maybe I should not join the panel. Let's see what happens.

FML (you can Google that acronym if you're not familiar).


Anonymous said...

I know what FML is. I've uttered and tweeted that phrase quite a bit earlier this year when I thought I was on the verge of losing my job.

Sorry to hear this happened on such short notice. I'd look for the exit myself if I were in your shoes.

wcs said...

I hate this kind of sh**. This is one aspect of my former career that I do not miss one bit. It's like working with a bunch of high school kids that never grew up. Hey, let's put on a show! Hey, let's not. And if you don't participate, you are not a "team player." Ugh.

One year, someone on the staff had the bright idea that the senior management team should go to senior homes and hospices and sing Christmas carols for the patients. Not only do I not want to sing in front of people, but I'm not a Christian. I was so offended and embarrassed and uncomfortable but had no way to politely refuse. It was horrible.

I feel for you!

Wonder Man said...

That's crazy

Jason said...

Oh what a malarkey. Singing and dancing and that sort of thing, that's not sales and marketing, that's tv shows and glee.

Good luck getting out of it!

Blobby said...

Your response can be light-hearted:
"I'm sorry, you don't pay me enough to sing and dance....or pay me enough to see you sing and dance".

Or you can just say, I cannot sing or dance. ....even if it's a lie.

I would NEVER do it. But that's me. :)

Indian Girl said...

That would be a great experience for you

Pac said...

I say you give 'em what they want... and more. Show up in drag. I'll work on your stage name, you practice those jazzhands.

Unknown said...

Stop being a big baby and go do a little dance :)

WranglerMan said...


You were correct to remove yourself from the panel. Sounds very unprofessional!

JustAMike said...

That would kill me! I like Blobby's suggestion to create your own graceful exit.

Best of luck!