Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer is over: back to the grind

With the passing of the Labor Day weekend, summer officially ends here in New England. Although weather will likely remain beautiful through September, fewer people will be taking time off and vacation will be mostly referred to in the past tense. The academic calendar begins anew and here in Boston the student presence is difficult to miss.

This summer I made several trips to Provincetown and enjoyed a quick trip with a friend to New York City as well as spending an overnight at my parents lake house up in NH for a family party. I've been very lucky. I hope this was a wonderful and relaxing summer for you as well.


thegayte-keeper said...

It will be back right?

Dave2 said...

It hasn't been, unfortunately, but I appreciate the sentiment. I've got two weeks yet before I get my vacation. It really can't come soon enough.