Monday, February 14, 2011

Yo Amo Puerto Rico

As I type this from my hotel room, I have floor to ceiling sliding glass doors open to have an unobstructed view of the Carribean. Soothing sound of waves crashing below have made it easy to forget today is my last full day here in Puerto Rico. The resulting rainbow (click image to make larger) is from a passing shower; the first since arriving. The weather has been as fantastic as the people watching has been interesting. Within the first 24-hours I snapped, tweeted and blogged about two couples in particular; #SluttyCouple and #DrunkUglyCouple.

WranglerMan left the funniest comment, "Where are you staying? It looks as if the hotel caters to the "Jersey Shore" fan club!" I can see how one might think that, but La Concha Hotel is a "classy joint". I'm imagining that's how the cast of the show might describe this place. In addition to these entertaining distractions there have also been a number of interesting gay couples we've met and chatted with during our stay. Its easy to spot these guys with their iphones permanently set to Grindr, Scruff and other gay-themed apps all furiously trying to identify some guy's profile who claims to be just a few feet away. Then there are the clueless, handsome men who have come to get away with a friend, girlfriend or spouse. Really who they are traveling with is of no consequence. I'm just happy to see them poolside and at the beach. They are like nice art; just by virtue of being here they make the hotel more pleasant. When I get home, I'll post photos I took from my camera. However, til then enjoy these few pics from the past couple of days.

Handsome Dad who played with his well behaved toddler
Attractive guy travelling w/ couple to his right; couldn't figure out the deal but was intrigued
Young married couple who sat next to me and didn't speak the entire day


Wonder Man said...

the dad is hot

Todd X. said...

Glad you're having fun!

Poetry of the Day said...

looks like a boss place!

Poetry of the Day said...

oh btw they look effin miserable.

and then there was METAL said...

cool dudes, and story, couple look like whores.,
valentine support4support

VpO said...

Looks like a great time! I love how you people watch like this! I thought I was the only one!!

Please bring the sun and some of the PR heat home with you. Thanks!

SteveA said...

Looks like a pretty young crowd there, but the warm Caribbean sun - ummm hmmmm!

Anywhose - Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

WranglerMan said...

Well, I guess the "Jersey Shore" crew moved back to Seaside with the Great Unwashed! Bring the Third Wheel home for me!

Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Straight Guy said...

Don't objectify me just because I'm clueless... and handsome!

Oh, go ahead. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Anyone would totally amo Puerto Rico with all the hot menz there.
I think the gay friend of the straight couple (OK, I'm making this up) needs some attention. ;)

Corve DaCosta said...

great vacation

Loki's Log said...

Love these posts. Enjoy the wamth!!