Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learning to speak "Boston"

People not born in or near Boston often get confused by a native's accent and although I've successfully tamed my Boston accent (for the most part) my word choices are a dead give-away for anyone familiar with what I like to refer to as "Boston SLANGuage".

If you're not from the area you most likely would refer to this first image as a "fountain" or possibly "water fountain". However, you are terribly incorrect in calling this anything but a "bubbler" or if you want to be gauche, bubblah. See the little bubbles of water coming from the bubbler?

Ask anyone in Boston where is the fountain and they will direct you to a water feature in the Boston Public Gardens, Common or maybe on the new Rose Kennedy Greenway. Below, I've included a picture my favorite fountain.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, which could never be confused with a 'bubbler'


Poetry of the Day said...

that is pretty interesting

Poetry <3

truthspew said...

Have you covered Wicked Pissah yet?

WranglerMan said...

Have you ever drunk from the Trevi Fountain? It gives "wicked pissa" a whole new meaning!

But definitely try scooping there or in other parts of Rome!!! ;-)

BosGuy said...

Hi Truthspew - I actually did include Wicked Pissah in a previous posting.

Victor said...

We also use the term 'bubblah' in Australia.