Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend with the little monsters

I am an uncle three times over and the little monsters you see above are (from left to right) Jack, Abby and Austin. Periodically, we arrange for a sleep over to spend more time together. My sister and brother-in-law had tickets to take the boys to see Mary Poppins, which is currently at the Boston Opera House. So the entire family drove down last night to have a sleep over to make the most out of coming into Boston.

Last night consisted of a game of Uno (for the record Austin won), and today we spent a few hours at the Museum of Science. The two boys, Mom and Dad went to see Ms. Poppins this afternoon. Abby who is too young to sit through the show stayed at home with us and we watched a few episodes of Seasame Street.

After sitting through the entire show, the boys in particular had some pent up energy so we had an impromptu dance party where all three ran around my apartment shaking their little derrieres and grooving to the music before heading in the minivan for their one hour ride back home.

I've edited the dance-a-thon down to a minute of gyrations and claps.
Drat! After publishing this I realized that I meant to type Starring: Jack, Austin & Abby - not "staring". I hate it when I make mistakes like that!


wcs said...

Hilariously adorable!

Wonder Man said...

how fun

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

I don't like the word 'cute' very much, but that is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Very nice.

WranglerMan said...

Very nice, indeed! For the misspelled title, though, you earned an A-, rather than an A. See that it does not happen again!