Monday, February 21, 2011

Heading to Dallas

Work is sending me to Dallas later this week for one night. I have only been a handful of times, and I have to say that I'm not a fan (no disrespect intended for those who call it home).

The business reason that is bringing me to Dallas is pretty cool so I'm happy to go (getting away from the chilly weather is also a plus).

I'm also looking forward to connecting with a few people who work in our Dallas office; time permitting.


Tracey said...

Dallas - hmm. Either way, I will miss you :)

A Lewis said...

Take your passport with you. You'll be fine!

I end up in Austin quite a bit for layovers. I really like it there.

Mauro Paim said...

Have a great trip.

By the way, this is a cool blog and I have added you to my canonical blog list.



P.S. Texas to change planes, only. said...

I read they have lots of all you can eat buffets. (Like on every street!)



P.S. Seriously, have a safe trip!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Safe travels.

WranglerMan said...

Go off to Fort Worth and wrangle yourself a cowboy! They're plentiful in that neck of the woods!

RAD said...

happy trails! No really have a good biz trip....Giddy up! :-)

Todd X. said...

I hope you survived!

Anonymous said...

FYI...Dallas has more restaurants per capita than any other city. However if you're not from the area, and are not venturing around with anyone who is, you will be lost and never get to know the few special parts about the city.