Friday, November 6, 2009

Top destinations for GLBT travelers

The Boston Globe article I referenced in my entry below was expanded by later today.  According to the posting on at a time when overall travel is down, tourism in the state is benefitting from one growing segment: gay vacationers. You can peruse the article and the photos by linking to the article, Top destinations for gays and lesbians.

I think the state could reap the rewards of a demographic. GLBT travelers are reported to vacation with more frequency and spend more money on cultural events than other segments of society.  Why this is I haven't a clue and could only speculate.  After a quick review of my travel profile this year, I realized I've gone away (near and far) quite a bit. I've gone to the Cape 4 times this year, Maine 2 times, Puerto Rico, Austin, TX and later this month I leave for a 3-week vacation to Australia.  All told that equals 9 trips in 2009 and that does not count my weekends up at my parent's lake house.

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