Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Off to Australia tonight

Today I turn off my laptop at 4pm and dash to the airport to catch my flight to LAX then to Sydney, arriving in Australia on Friday, November 20th.  I plan on blogging a bit if able, but not sure exactly what this dream trip will bring.  I'm pretty certain that I will also be tweeting so you can check out my twitter posts in the lower right column or follow me at

I will certainly take lots of pictures and look to post them here when I return.  I have included my itinerary below indicating where I will be over this nearly 3-week escape.

Sydney - Arrive on Friday, November 20th
Port Douglas (Great Barrier Reef) - Arrive on Sunday, November 22nd
Melbourne - Arrive on Friday, November 27th
Hepburn Springs (Victoria) - Arrive on Monday, November 30th
Sydney - Arrive on Tuesday, December 1st

Just because a number of friends have inquired...Today's weather in:
Sydney: 84 degrees
Port Douglas (Great Barrier Reef): 87 degrees
Melbourne & Hepburn Springs: 95 degrees

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I am so jealous, have a blast!