Monday, November 2, 2009

Boners R Us

In the past I've mentioned that I work as a marketing professional in the health industry for a large consulting firm.  However, what I'm not so certain is if people who are not marketing professionals have any idea what that means in terms of a daily grind.  I think most people assume working in marketing means I spend my day identifying pretty colors for logos and talking about abstract things like 'brand awareness'. 

The reality is actually quite different. One such task that has dominated much of my time lately is reviewing the logs of all our registrations for the many programs we are currently hosting.  This is quite monotonous for sure. However, the entry I included above made me laugh out loud when I read it today.  It certainly brings new meaning to the term "bad data".   My apologies if you can not read the image above, but the entry reads as follows:
First name: Boner      Last name: Man
Title: Head Boner      Company: Boners R Us

The next time you are filling out a form - if you have no intention of providing your real contact information think about the poor schmuck who has to go through the rolls of data and see if you can make that person smile by getting creative with your response.

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