Friday, November 13, 2009

Heading to the land down under

As I prepare for my walk-about in Australia, I'm reminded how fortunate I am and how rare it is to take a three week vacation.  Many people I know have accrued weeks of paid time off but can not seem to disengage themselves from work to make use of the time.  Perhaps this is you?  Do you have several weeks of unused vacation time that you roll-over each year? Are you always taking days off at the end of the year because you can not roll all your accrued vacation time into the next calendar year?

I think this is uniquely American, because as near as I can tell even high performing employees and executives from other countries take four weeks or more vacation each year and their companies don't seem to collapse nor are their jobs jeopardized.  I suppose this is yet another way that despite being as American as apple pie, I tend to differ from the typical American.  What a strange sensibility we Americans have.

So I'll be logging off shortly and enjoying my walk-about down under.  If time allows, I'm sure I'll include an entry or two but it is probably more likely that I'll be sunning myself, eating as much ice cream as possible or just napping. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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