Monday, March 30, 2009

How do you heal a broken heart?

Once upon a time there was someone I knew who had a heart twice as large as most. This person saw the world and the people in his world as full of possibilities. Around this time in his life he met an intriguing partner who challenged and complimented him in ways that emboldened him and made his heart race faster than he ever dreamt possible.

However, over time he found that his heart was not compatible with his partner’s and because a heart needs love to give love their incompatibility caused both their hearts to shrink and finally harden. So sadly, when the “once upon a time” did not end in “happily ever after”, it became more than his heart could manage and it broke into many, many pieces. And what was once a world filled with possibilities became a world filled with impossibilities.

Over time, this heart has healed itself as hearts have been known to do. However, it is not that young heart that once raced freely. This heart is still on the mend and beats with a more fragile pulse; fearful of trusting itself and others. The world has changed yet again from one of impossibilities to one that is now filled with probabilities. His heart now protectively rations both his ability to give and receive love, baricading itself behind make believe walls that become very real and difficult to scale.

Fortunately a broken heart can heal and in time love again, but to do this a heart also has to be open to love when it shows itself. A heart needs to see the world in terms of possibilities not shades of probabilities. Only time will tell if this heart I am writing about will learn to trust itself and be willing to share itself without reservation. The ball is in his court now… let’s see what happens in the next chapter of this fairy tale. I'm doubling down on "happily ever after".

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Stephen said...

Well written.

I dig your blog.

" the heart wants what the heart wants"
Woody Allen