Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday: Boston’s Combat Zone

Although change can sometimes be difficult to accept, I think that everyone would agree that the changes now apparent on Washington Street, just south of Downtown Crossing are for the better. In 1985, if you told me the Ritz Carlton would open a high rise luxury condominium and hotel in Boston’s Combat Zone, I would have found that hard to believe.

Gone are the ugly, cement street lights, and the seedy peep show houses like Boston Bunnies and the Pilgrim movie house. Now this corner hosts a very busy Dunkin Donuts, the Boston Registry of Motor Vehicles and a high rise apartment building. Hopefully more change will come a few blocks north in Downtown Crossing where the Filene’s building once stood but now is a construction site that remains devoid of activity.

Thanks to Boston Real Estate Broker for posting these photos.

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