Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hitting the gym

Last week I completed the final personal trainer session that Sergio gave me as a gift. The six sessions with Stu have really paid dividends, but not without having some seriously aching muscles in the process.

Although I've never been a gym rat, through out my 20s and 30s I made an effort to go to the gym to run or to try the occasional abs class. However, I was never that disciplined and after a couple of weeks of faithfully going, visits would inevitably drop off. Additionally, my work outs were rarely as intense as the sessions with my personal trainer. So when I finished my final session on Monday, I did not even think twice about signing up for a 10-pack.

My goal is to get 2 workouts with Stu and to get myself to the gym for 2 cardio work outs each week (we'll see). I've only been working out with Stu since mid-February, but I've noticed a change for the better and I'll continue to use that as my primary source of motivation. To the casual observer, nothing is apparent but my clothes certainly fit better and with Stu's help I've become stronger. The weights are getting heavier and the reps are getting more intense. After a typical work out I'm completely exhausted and sure to be quite achey for the next couple of days, but I feel like I've spent my time wisely.

Using a trainer at the BSC is not cheap... which is a shame because the cost is certainly a barrier for many people but for me it is worth the sacrifice. I'm going to use half of my tax return to pay for these next 10 sessions which should take me through the next 1-2 months. I'll evaluate where I am at that point, but I doubt I'll suddenly have the discipline to go to the gym on my own so I may be into this for the duration. We will see.

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