Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should print versions of dailies get non-profit status?

Yesterday, 24/7WallSt.com made some serious news when they published an article outlining the woes of the print industry. According to the article, "the newspaper industry has entered a new period of decline." Citing recent declared bankruptcies from newspapers and closings (or imminent closings) of papers, it makes me wonder if print versions of city dailies should be afforded the tax exempt status of a non-profit.

The article goes on to list the ten major daily papers most likely to fold or stop their print operations. Papers were chosen based on the financial strength of their parent companies, the amount of direct competition that they face in their markets, and industry information on how much money they are losing.

Among those in the dubious top 10 list include The Boston Globe at #5. Read below to see the complete list of newspapers expected to fold or shutter their print operations in the next 18 months. You can read the article in its entirety by linking here.

1. The Philadelphia Daily News
2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune
3. The Miami Herald
4. The Detroit News
5. The Boston Globe
6. The San Francisco Chronicle
7. The Chicago Sun Times
8. NY Daily News
9. The Fort Worth Star Telegram
10. The Cleveland Plain Dealer

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