Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why the Republican Party infuriates me

In the past I've written about the fact that I am a Democrat. Last summer I took a stab at articulating why I have such strong party affiliation in an age when most people rebuke political parties in, Why I am a Democrat.

In my post I wrote,"I would welcome some parity from the other side... Until the day comes when the Republican Party can look at me as someone who is not mentally ill; not a person who has chosen a life of perversion; and not a threat to their marriages and family values - I will be a Democrat with a capital "D". No apologies; no exceptions."

This clip which I saw on WGB is precisely the thing that infuriates me because although there are plenty of Democrats opposed to same sex marriage (like nearly the entire party's leadership), I feel as if there can be reasonable discourse, and more importantly I have a seat at the proverbial table. By contrast the clip below includes delusional rantings and what I would consider hate mongering from our Friends at Fox News and other conservative commentators who in many cases are leading voices within the Republican Party.

So when I'm asked why I am a Democrat, I answer with a question and inquire, "Why won't you speak up and change the Republican Party?" Currently, my sexual orientation essentially bars me from any meaningful participation in the small tent party more commonly referred to as the Republican Party.

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