Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss Piggy contracts swine flu

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that America's favorite sow, Miss Piggy, is quietly recovering from what is speculated to be an acute case of H1N1 Flu - more commonly referred to as Swine Flu.

At 2:15am on Monday, May 11th, Miss Piggy reportedly arrived at LAX on a privately chartered jet from Puerto Vallarta Mexico. A limousine rushed to pick up the gaunt looking celebrity who walked slowly to the awaiting car just steps from the aircraft. Miss Piggy has been in seclusion since arriving back home and has not returned any calls. Her publicist is also keeping her snout shut. However, yesterday Kermit the Frog broke the silence and issued the following statement, "Miss Piggy has spent the past few weeks in Mexico to relax before her summer tour and is feeling fine. She would appreciate her privacy right now while she prepares for her pending tour."

Local paparazzi have been staked out at Miss Piggy's pen in Beverly Hills since her arrival earlier this week hoping to get a photo of the convalescing pig.

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