Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Although I'm the first to admit that the television is always on, I do not have a DVR and I do not set my schedule around network programs. However, after watching FOX Television's new show, Glee, that might all have to change. I have not laughed so hard or enjoyed a televsion program this much since Ugly Betty's maiden season. Glee's website indicates that this is Ryan Murphy's latest creation. Murphy is also the creator of "Nip Tuck" - a cult favorite.

Glee centers around Will Schuester, a young optimistic teacher, who wants to revive the school's glee club. Supporting cast includes some interesting characters including the school's cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch (you would recognize her from her role in the movie, Best in Show). The students in the glee club are also entertaining - such as the hunky football QB,Finn Hudson, played by Cory Montieth and the much maligned, Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele who has a truly amazing voice.

This show is not going to have broad appeal so I hope it can succeed. For fans of witty one liners and great music there probably is not a better show on TV. My favorite line from tonight's show came from glee club diva, Mercedes (Amber Riley) when she proclaimed "I ain't no Kelly Rowland - I'm Beyonce!" Musical scenes included an incredible rendition of Amy Winehouse song, "Ain't Going to Rehab", a nod to several musicals including Grease, Les Miserables and Chicago as well as the cheesy 80's hit from Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'". I'm hooked and I'll be watching this program next Tuesday night. Will you?

You can check out much more on hulu by linking here.

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"Glee" is great!