Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer reading

What are you reading this summer to pass the hours?  This past week I read Robert Parker's book, Widow's Walk.  I love his fictional character Spenser and how his stories take place in Boston.  After, I picked up the Jeffrey Archer novel, A Prisoner of Birth, which is sort of a modern day Count of Monte Cristo.  I've read several of Archer's novels and they are always epic stories that I get completely sucked into.

I have to head off to the library to pick up a few more books.  What have you been reading? Any suggestions?


Karen@40 said...

I just finished Loving Frank, by Kathleen Horan. It is a fictional account of the real life affair that Frank Lloyd Wright had with a married woman. It's done well and gives a bit of insight into life at the turn of the century. (Don't think it is really a beach read, though).

I've also really enjoyed Dennis Lehane's books. Like Parker, set in Boston. The detective duo, Angela and Patrick, are great fun. There are 5 of them; it's best to read them in order (although I didn't). Some are downright scary!
1. A Drink before the War
2. Darkness Take my Hand
3. Sacred
4. Gone Baby Gone
5. Prayers for Rain

BosGuy said...

Thanks Karen - much appreciated. How was Ireland?

Karen@40 said...

Hey Rob:
Ireland was great. Such a beautiful country. I am definitely looking forward to a return trip at some point.

Sounds like you are having a good summer! Enjoy.