Saturday, July 10, 2010

Part-time vegetarian

Despite my commitment to the gym, I'd been unable to drop the weight I wanted so a few weeks ago I opted to modify my diet to augement my efforts in the gym.  In mid-to-late June I stopped eating meat and increased my in-take of fruit and veggies.  After one week I dropped 7 lbs. I'm not really sure that anyone could see the difference, but psychologically it was a huge boost. 

Of course, after spending the weekend in Provincetown over the 4th of July, I was humbled by the number of defined abdominals and the general fitness level of the guys there so I've redoubled my efforts with my personal trainer Stu. 

How are you doing with your diet and work out routine?  Do you work out regularly? I'm in pretty good shape, but I would like to continue to build muscle mass and shrink my waist with which I seem to be permanently at war.  I plan on maintaining my 'vegetarian' status through the summer since it has helped me shave off a few extra pounds, but I'm interested to hear if you have any fitness or diet tips.


Todd X. said...

I have stopped eating pastries every morning and replaced them with Bran Buds, yogurt and fruit. Seriously, it's pretty amazing. :)

Getting to the gym still requires major motivation, though.

SteveA said...

Try and eat foods that build your metabolism - yogurt, nuts, food with loads of fibre.....this means you feel hungry seceral times - so you should eat like 5-6 times a day to avoid your body storing fat!

Of course eating right is key - maybe you should see a nutrionist!