Sunday, July 25, 2010

Off to Provincetown

All summer the weather in Boston has been hot and sunny, keeping everyone sweating in the city.  Mind you, I'm not complaining. I prefer this weather and love the heat; especially since I have a wonderful apartment with central airconditioning.  The forecast later in the week looks to be a few degrees cooler than recent weeks with temperatures mostly in the mid and low 80s.

This suits me just fine, because I'll be heading back to Provincetown this week staying from Tuesday thru Saturday.  Although, I have little trust in the extended forecast, it is always reassuring to see lots of sun and warm temperatures predicted.  Good friends have rented a house in the West End and Sergio and I will crash there Tuesday night before checking into Enzo's on Commercial Street.  We have a delicious lobster dinner planned this Friday (I'll try to snap photos to share in a future post), but otherwise I don't really have much planned other than relaxing and having fun.

Enzo's Guest House 

Blogging may be a bit inconsistent this week as a result, but please do check back. I certainly do appreciate your comments and e-mails.


A Lewis said...

Enzos! I just had dinner there two weeks ago. I enjoyed the veggie pasta meal with the carmelized onions. And, I have to say, their wedge salad was AMAZING. Have fun!

Gay Guy said...

I am pouting because you went to Ptown and I didn't.

Is Enzio's the place with the scary, fake-rusted sunflower sculptures out front. Right on the sidewalk. With petals at eye level. I am always nervous that someone will stumble close to them and put their eye out.

BosGuy said...

Yes GG -
You are thinking of the same place. I never thought about the safety hazard of the wrought-iron sculputures, but now I'll think of you each time I pass them.