Saturday, July 5, 2008

Closeted Governor Ties the Knot to be No. 2

Okay so that is not exactly the title the Florida press chose to print, but it might as well have been. Full-time bachelor and current Florida Governor Crist tied the knot last week in what seems like a desperate attempt to thwart those nasty rumors about him being a closeted homo.

News of the surprise wedding solidifies my belief that a deal was struck following McCain's rebuke in the SC primary for Crist to be McCain's Vice President if in return he would endorse and campaign for him in the FL primary. It's doubtful that a conservative voting block would be comfortable electing a bachelor (doesn't fit with the the party of family values) and blogs have been predicting that Crist would have to marry to make himself a more desireable V.P.

In politics people say and do strange things and this certainly will not be the first marriage of convenience, but after a lifetime of bachelorhood - Crist's surprise marriage after dating for less than 9-mos seems mostly sad to me (gay or not).

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