Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As You Like It

You know it is summer in Boston when all the free concerts, movies and of course Shakespeare in the park (or Commons to be more precise) are in full swing. Starting last weekend, William Shakespeare's play, "As You Like It" opened. Unfortunately, the weather was both ridiculously hot and humid so I opted to stay home, but I hope to see the play which is set up near the bandstand on the Boston Commons later this week. The play is free to the public and will run through Sunday, August 3rd so take advantage of the nice weather, grab a bottle (or two of your favorite wine and head down to see the show).

For more information about the show times you can link to the Citi Performing Arts Center website (a.k.a. The Wang) here.

About As You Like It
This Shakespearean comedy features one of William Shakespeare's most famous lines "all the world's a stage" and was made into a movie by English actor, Kenneth Branagh in 2006. To read more about this comedy link here.

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