Saturday, April 26, 2008

Recently I was told that I needed to add some pictures or movement to my blog because it was getting boring. I was surprised that anyone I knew was even checking out this site, because I tend to consider it more of an online journal to record my thoughts and occassional rants. However, vanity being what it is, I decided that I would take the critique in stride and do my best to add more visual stimulation (at least for this blog entry).

Earlier this week I was sent a collection of cartoons that poke fun at the rising gas prices. I am lucky that I can walk to work each day, but my partner does have a 40 mile roundtrip commute each day and I know that many people have been impacted by rising gas prices. I'm tempted to use this entry to go on and on about how energy independence and more environmentally friendly options need to be explored,but I will refrain (this time).

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