Sunday, April 20, 2008

Apartment Transformation

I moved into my current 2BR / 2BA apartment in the South End nearly 5 years ago, and while the neighborhood has changed significantly in that time, until recently the same could not have been said about my home. Prior to moving in, a hasty paint job was done, but not much else had changed until last month.

Pooling resources with my other half, using some money from Christmas and looking for deals we have been able to take a first step in providing a needed facelift to our home. Most of the changes have taken place in our bedroom - for the first time since leaving my parents house I have an actual bedframe and matching furniture. We still have a few more updates to make to the bedroom before we turn our attention to other rooms in our home, but I am really pleased with the changes.

We both love our home, but after 5 years the updates were necessary to bring back the feeling of homeowner pride. The apartment does not quite look tired, but certainly we were both tired of looking at the space as it was.

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