Sunday, April 20, 2008

City is Buzzing

Marathon weekend started with beautiful weather and continued through last night, but today was decidedly cooler and tomorrow (Marathon Monday) will be downright chilly in the shade with temperatures hovering in the upper 50s if the local meteorologists are correct. I'll be bundling up to see the Red Sox (hopefully) sweep the Texas Rangers. Then I will meet up with friends to cheer on the runners and try to see a few friends who I know are running in this year's marathon.

The city is abuzz with all the excitement. Adding to all the drama, the Bruins have done an amazing job evening the playoff series against the Canadiens proving the pundits wrong and showing that they deserved their playoff bid. The Celtics have started their playoff series against Atlanta as well so there is a little bit of something for everyone this weekend. Now if only the sun will do its part and warm up the city a bit more everything will be perfect.

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