Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spirit Day - Oct 20th: Wear your purple

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 20th has been designated as "Spirit Day" to acknowledge the recent rash of LGBTQ youth who have committed suicide and to reaffirm to those youth who feel alone and isolated that they are not and to paraphrase an often used phrase now, it gets better.

Why purple? According to the GLAAD website, purple symbolizes 'spirit' on the rainbow flag. Although there is no meeting place or rally planned - this is a national event that you can help to raise the visibility of if you are a blogger by promoting and everyone can contribute to by wearing something purple.

GLAAD has more information about Spirit Day, check it out here.

Sometimes the strongest statements are our actions.
Will you help make a statement on October 20th?


WickedGayBlog.com said...

Thanks for the reminder! I am going to cross-post your post.


Bob said...

Nice to see the word getting out there.

robertga99 said...

I have mine on!