Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anyone going to this party?

Tickets can be purchased at Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project.

Shoot me an e-mail at BosGuyMail@gmail.com if you plan to go.

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WranglerMan said...

Ah! The mystery and beauty of it all is that I may, in fact, be there! But will you know me, BosGuy? It is, after all, a "Masquerade!" I may be that devastatingly handsome, tall, dark-haired stranger who nods in your direction! Or that rakish, blond fellow who brushes beside you. I might be the olive-skinned roue who offers you a drink. Or that dark-skinned charmer who requests the honor of sitting next to you! To borrow a phrase, I may be here, or I may be there, but I remain elusive!

Of course, my cowboy boots may give me away!!!