Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My TripAdvisor Profile

As a self-proclaimed travel nut, I freely admit that I'll be the first to skip major expenses to ensure that I have enough money saved to take a couple of nice vacations each year. I love to travel and think I'm probably at my happiest when I'm visiting some place I've never been before. However, prior to leaving for any destination (especially one I'm not familiar), I heavily leverage the website. The site has excellent forums where you can read travellers reviews (and you can submit your own comments if you've travelled some place too).

I've made several connections on this travel website. If you too use, let's connect - my profile name is Albiani and you can link directly to read more about me and my travel preferences by linking here.

I've included my travel map, which shows all the destinations I've visited thus far as well as my favorite locations which are signified with a blue star.
  1. Paris, France

  2. Rome, Italy

  3. San Francisco, CA, USA

  4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  7. New York City, NY, USA

  8. Prague, Czech Republic

  9. Provincetown, MA, USA

  10. San Diego, CA, USA

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