Sunday, January 4, 2009

Provincetown Winter Night

I have just returned from a relaxing few nights in Provincetown where I spent the New Year's holiday with my other half and another couple. I plan on sharing a few pictures from our trip but in lieu of writing what we did I took a stab at expressing myself through poetry. There is no disputing the the final result may indeed embarass me in time when I look back at this entry but I thought I would share this attempt at creative expression.

Provincetown Winter Night

The laughter and sounds of summer are gone
Just an echoing memory 'til next year.

The howling winter winds now own the night
Their screams buffet our house and all you can hear.

Winter's full fury keeps Commercial Street quiet
But in a few months the sun and warmth will return.

And then the crowds will too as they always do
But only after winter has had its turn.

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