Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fare Payment

Today, The Boston Globe is reporting that many of the city's taxi cabs will soon be outfitted with backseat touchscreen credit card readers. My response, Amen! Boston taxi drivers rarely accept credit cards and even more rarely seem to have correct change. Most people I know carry credit cards and would prefer to pay with a credit card so they don't need to carry cash or visit an ATM just to pay for a cab ride home.

Boston will follow the lead of NYC and Philadelphia which already have mandates in place for cabs to use this technology. Now if we can just get Mayor Menino to also insist on getting more hybrid taxis on the road we might actually have a fleet of cabs that represents the 21st century.

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Anonymous said...

I used to take cabs a lot in Boston but don't much anymore, but I do know that this credit card thing will be a great help to the industry. I am sure more people will take cabs because they can charge it and think about it later.