Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Wicked Blizzard

Boston's first snowfall started at 2:00pm on the Friday before Christmas and while I'm unsure of the exact total of the fluffy white stuff there is plenty to guarantee a white Christmas. Most businesses sent employees home early and the effects of that were obvious in the South End where I live. Retailers, banks and even restaurants closed early either out of safety concerns for their employees or because the powerful storm would not make it worthwhile to remain open.

Earlier this evening I walked down Washington Street which was absolutely beautiful in its near deserted state. If it had not been for all the snow blowing around making it difficult to walk, I probably would have stayed out longer. For the most part only dinner-delivery drivers, plow trucks and Silver Line buses were on the road. Restaurants were mostly quiet (Union was actually closed) belying the fact that it was a Friday during the holiday season.

I (accompanied with my friends) stomped into Pho Republique for a dinner. To provide an idea of both how much snow was billowing down Washington Street and show how quiet the restaurants were earlier this evening I've included a picture of the restaurant looking out on to Washington Street.

I generally don't care for snow, but I have to admit it is fun when Boston has this deserted feeling and only those who live in the neighborhood are out and about. It is also nice to have this kind of storm where the snow is fluffy and white - not mixed with ice or freezing rain. On our walk home, my partner channeled his inner child and made a snow angel. I even showed my partner and our friend (both originally from Brazil) how to make a snow ball.

Other people in the neighborhood were obviously channeling similar energies. The picture below shows a handful of guys out in front of my apartment in the BSC parking lot in a large snowball fight that seemed more filled with shouts and laughs than actual snowballs.

The forecast through the rest of the weekend is for more snow and cold temperatures. I am curious to find out how much snow actually does end up falling in Boston. I would guess that we have 6" - 7" total right now, but it could be more. There are better pictures on The Boston Globe's website, which can be viewed by linking here. Interestingly, also has a delicious guide to some of the city's best places to get hot chocolate. If this weather persists, I might just be compelled to try a few of these places. If you too like hot chocolate you can see the Globe's picks here.

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Susan said...

Great pictures. Glad to hear you and Sergio had a fun night with all the snow in the neighborhood. Oh, I bet PICO has some good hot chocolate. :-)