Sunday, December 14, 2008

9th Annual Santa Speedo Run a Success

I have been reading several local blogs to find pictures from this year's Santa Speedo Run in Boston. As usual posted a bunch of pictures which you can view here, but the Loaded Gun has included pictures from two friends. I know it is bad form to pilfer without properly crediting your source so I've lifted the appropriate text from the Loaded Gun blog and hope that they don't mind.

As written on Loaded Gun, "Click here for Marciela's revealing Flickr photostream and here for Derek Lumpkin's pics from the event. Also, click here for a video giving the, um, naked truth exposing all of those "Philly Boys" who make the trek to Boston for charity."

I had intended to go down to Boylston Street to see the runners but I was not able to get there in time for the race and will have to wait until next year.


astrogirl said...

like your blog and your life.

Sam Baltrusis said...

Hey BosGuy!

Sam from Loaded Gun here. No worries about pulling content from my blog via Creative Commons--as long as you credit the source--which you did!

Like your blog! We should meet up for coffee sometime.

Sam B.

Marciela said...

Nice blog, I like to travel too! And thanks for plugging my photos (and giving me credit)!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun--although I'm not brave enough for the Speedo!