Friday, September 12, 2008

Work, work, work

I know I've been slacking and not spending much time collecting or sharing my thoughts but that has been mostly due to an overly active social and work calendar that has left me with little down time to write. Lately I've been posting pictures that I have thought are funny, adding video clips and / or summarizing content that I have read in the news and on other blogs, which in my mind does not really count as a blog entry.

However, right now I'm pretty much absorbed with my work as I help my team prepare for a major event in late November and juggling a travel calendar that has me on the road more than I am accustomed. Last week I was in Dallas for training and early next week I will be in Chicago to talk about the progress of the November event I've been absorbed with lately. I was asked to go and talk to this group, because PwC wants more interaction between the industry marketing folk (like me) and the marketing professionals tied to geographies (precisely the people we have reached out to help us with our November event). It is a cool opportunity to share the work we have done to date and a neat chance for me because I get to be the messenger. My travelling will continue the following week (9/22) when I head to NYC for a few more days of training. Then hopefully, my travel will subside and I'll have more time to rant and rave about whatever is dominating my thoughts.

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